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Cisco UCCX Automatic Work vs Available

Here is the summary about UCCX Automatic Work and Available settings. Automatic Work CSQ level Disabled by default override Automatic Available the length of the time agent will be in Work state is determined by the Wrapup time period. (Up to 7200 seconds) If Automatic Work is set to enabled, agent goes into Work state after terminating the call. (No matter...


Cisco UCCX RTMT Access denied

Trying to get into the UCCX RTMT received “Access denied, check IP address, username and password” message. If The IP address and credentials are 100% correct, maybe wrong user?:) How to check: Using CLI run the following command: admin:run sql select* from cuic_data:cuicuser Check which user is the super user and use it to login. Below is the path for installing...


Cisco UCCX and Standalone CUIC integration

Sometimes customer would like to get more in reporting => Standalone CUIC. Here is a quick summary about UCCX and Standalone CUIC integration. About UCCX Historical user:If you want to use the password that you are setting in Password Management, then the user will need to be changed from uccxhrc to uccxhruser as well which is not recommended to use. The...