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Python More about Strings and Re

Getting help: For more details, you can always call the built-in dir function, which returns a list of all the attributes available for a given object To get how the function actually works: Find + Replace str.isalpha() – check all characters (a-z and A-Z)str.isalnum() – check all characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9)str.isdigit() – check all characters (0-9)str.islower(), str.isupper() Textwrap module wrap()...


Python Basics: Strings, Lists, Dicts, Functions

Kind of Cheat Sheet for anything basic, that I did not know, have not used or interesting things, that good to know. I will keep it handy for a quick reference. I am going to create separate posts for some Python features. Strings Lists Dictionaries Functions