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Cisco UC: SIP and TranslatorX

I can’t say how many times I had to configure SIP on Cisco voice gateways, troubleshoot SIP, enable SIP, etc. The second problem, after fear of loading and stuck the router using the “debug ccsip messages” command, is to filter and find the call in debugging turned on. If there is a way to collect all sip logs from the console...


Cisco UC: PRTG and SIP calls

I found several ways monitoring SIP calls in PRTG using SNMP. Monitor active calls using SIP legs/2 Monitor each dial-peer separately and combine them in the Sensor Factory Just monitor multiple OIDs in one Sensor Enable SNMP on the CUBE: 1. Monitor active calls using SIP legs Idea: check how many SIP legs on the voice gateways (show call active voice...