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Linux on Windows, Python IDE, and VirtualEnv

Linux on Windows For some tasks, it is still easier to use Windows (Cisco IP Communicator, UCCX Script Editor, CUCM RTMT, etc.), but there is an option to include Linux into the workflow. Recently I discovered the WLS: Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which allows us to install and run sort of Linux on Windows10 side-by-side. Go to Microsoft Store and...


How to verify the MD5 checksum

Whenever you download any valuable data from the Internet, it is completely necessary that you check the integrity of the downloaded file and ensure that the downloaded file is exactly the same as that of the original one. In this scenario, the MD5 hash can become handy: Windows: certutil -hashfile path\file.iso MD5 Mac OS: md5 filename.iso Linux: md5sum filename.iso