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Cisco Testing New Jabber Config file

To test the Jabber config changes on just 1 machine and if it goes successful apply it globally, we can use Cisco Support Field in the CSF device configuration: upload a new jabber-config xml file on TFTP server with the modified name <jabber-config-name>.xml. change cisco support field on CSF device configuration page configurationfile=jabber-config-photo-mod.xml restart jabber client


Cisco Jabber Pickup Issue

The Issue: PickUpGr includes CIPC and Jabber. Call to Jabber DID – you can pick it up on the CIPC Call to CIPC DID – you CAN’T pick it up on the Jabber There is a pop up windows, but press it and nothing happens, only missed call on the CIPC internal call – fast busy international call – keep ringing...


Cisco Jabber Hunt and Call Pickup Groups

These settings could be enabled in the Jabber client by configuring policies in the jabber-config.xml file. <Policies>  <EnableCallPickup>true</EnableCallPickup><EnableGroupCallPickup>true</EnableGroupCallPickup>  <EnableOtherGroupPickup>true</EnableOtherGroupPickup>  <EnableHuntGroup>true</EnableHuntGroup></Policies> The policy enables the Hunt Group & Pickup tab in the Jabber for Windows client. The tab will be displayed irrespective if the Softphone has been registered or not.