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Cisco NX-OS: VXLAN and External Connectivity

By default: underlay – default VRF overlay – “tenant” VRF, hosts in VXLAN are isolated Border Leafs are used to connect the internal fabric to external networks. Not necessary a box, just configuration on the Leaf. It maintains the following routing control planes: MP-BGP L2VPN EVPN – inside VXLAN fabric “tenant” VRF BGP or IGP to external routes MP-BGP to BGP/IGP...


Cisco NX-OS: VXLAN Asymmetric Routing

EVPN Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB) has two options: Asymmetric IRB Symmetric IRB Assymetric IRB Ingress VTEP does both L2 and L3 lookup Egress VTEP does L2 lookup only => Bridge – Route – Bridge Pros: “easy” to configure – just copy/paste. Identical config with the only difference in SVI IP addresses. Cons: on the way back, traffic will be reversed...