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Cisco Phone “Registered/Unregistered/Unknown” status

A phone that has never been registered to Cisco CallManager would be in Unknown status. But, a phone that was registered to the Cisco CallManager at some point of time can be in Unregistered or Unknown status depending on a service parameter in the “RIS Data collector” service. This parameter specifies the RIS database information storage period for any unregistered or...


Cisco CUCM LDAP notes

Switch from LDAP to Local users:CUCM SQL query becomes very useful if we need to do the same task multiple times. And CUCM GUI interface is very time-consuming for these tasks. Here is how to switch users from LDAP to CUCM Local: run sql update enduser set fkdirectorypluginconfig=NULL where userid=’username1′ run sql update enduser set fkdirectorypluginconfig=NULL where userid=’username2′ Cisco CUCM LDAP...


Cisco CUCM Background image bulk update

How to change the background images on the all phones. The way I usually do this is below. Make sure the image file is uploaded to the CUCM. It works only if we lock down the feature that allows to change the image from the phone. I used Common Phone Profile: “Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting” should...