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Cisco UC: CUBE Enhancements

CUBE 10.0.0 [IOS 15.4(2)T / IOS-XE 3.12] introduces the concept of Destination Server Group, which supports multiple session targets (up to 5) to be defined in a group and applied to a single outbound dial-peer. This feature configures a server group (group of server addresses) that can be referenced from an outbound dial peer. This reduces the need to configure multiple...


Cisco UC: PRTG and SIP calls

I found several ways monitoring SIP calls in PRTG using SNMP. Monitor active calls using SIP legs/2 Monitor each dial-peer separately and combine them in the Sensor Factory Just monitor multiple OIDs in one Sensor Enable SNMP on the CUBE: 1. Monitor active calls using SIP legs Idea: check how many SIP legs on the voice gateways (show call active voice...