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WebApp: Cisco ISE-Python-Flask

My previous post “Python and ISE Monitor Mode” was about how to collect access-session information from the switch and use it for endpoint verification. Specifically for MAB-only devices – add in the proper Endpoint Group in the Cisco ISE. The result of the script was the file with “failed” devices: With this info, we had to log in to the ISE...


Python and Cisco ISE – Collect Endpoints

I like the Cisco ISE GUI interface since 2.4, it’s pretty easy, maybe too many tabs and menus, but once you get the idea – you are good to go. I had a task of ISE migration – from one to another. We had set up 2 ISE deployments in parallel. The idea to keep everything working on ISE#1 while we...


Cisco ISE: Update HotSpot access-code Daily

Several times, I run into the question if there is an option to “automatically” change the guest HotSpot access code at a given interval (lets say daily) and I came up with the following solution: ISE API + Python + Task Scheduler Steps: Enable API on ISE Create Python Script Configure Task Scheduler Enable the ERS APIs The ERS APIs are...