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A little more Ansible

Templates There is a way to run playbook locally on the PC (generating some files, scripts or configs) using templates. Let’s say there is a template file (switch_template.j2): hostname {{ item.hostname }} ! interface loopback 0 ip address {{ item.loopback }} ! router eigrp 100 As a result of this playbook, 2 files will be generated: R1.txt and R2.txt Conditions Using...


Ansible with Cisco

Documentation A good point to start – Ansible User Guide. Network modules (ios/nxos/ios-xr, aci, junos etc) – Module Index – Network Modules IOS/NXOS Command Modules IOS NXOS IOS There is are a way to run multiple commands Very useful for debugging to show output in the terminal: – name: show output     debug:          var: output Some...


Ansible Intro

Automation is everywhere. I decided to take a quick look into Ansible Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems. Here is Intro to Ansible. Ansible – Open Source IT Automation Platform Notes: using SSH and does not require an agent written in Python push-based architecture Ansible Components...