Python: TTP – Template Text Parser

What could be better than regex? Of course TTP – Template Text Parser – Python module for parsing of semi-structured text data using templates.


pip install ttp

Here is an example to use TTP for VPN sessions information

from ttp import ttp

We have command output from the ASA. To make it easier we can collect specific output using command “show vpn-sessiondb l2l | i Connection|Login Time|Duration|Protocol

Connection   :
Protocol     : IKEv2 IPsec
Login Time   : 01:01:01 CDT Sun Sep 27 2020
Duration     : 1d 00h:01m:s
Connection   :
Protocol     : IKEv2
Login Time   : 00:00:00 CDT Thu Sep 26 2020
Duration     : 2d 8h:31m:08s

TTP is easy to use when we have structured and specific output.

Create a Template – just mimic the output and assign to variable.

vpn_sessions_template = """
Connection   : {{remote_ip}}
Protocol     : {{protocol | _line_}}
Login Time   : {{logintime | _line_}}
Duration     : {{duration | _line_}}

Create parser object and parse data using template:

parser = ttp(data=vpn_sessions_data, template=vpn_sessions_template)


Print result in JSON format:

vpn_sessions_results = parser.result(format='json')[0]

Once it’s done – json.loads and now we have access to all variable for each session:

More about TTP in documentation.


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