Python: Stealthwatch and Alarms API

It’s been a while since my last post. So many things going on, but I am still here:)

Working with ISE Monitoring API I like an option to get errors with code/cause and how/what to check for resolution:

I was not able to find any Stealthwatch API for Alarm’s definitions. But there is a cool guide “Security Events and Alarm Categories {ver}” with all information needed.

I decided to create a kind of API and parsed PDF into the JSON file with information about Alarms. Simple and easy to use.

  • Getting the list of all Alarms
% python3 --list
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 10 17 06 PM
  • Getting the list of all alarms with TCP in the name:
% python3 tcp 
  • Getting info for specific Alarm:
% python3 udp-flood
% python3 "udp flood"

Also, there is an alarms.json file that is used as a source. It could be updated and modified.

GitHub: here


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