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Cisco ISE Posture Update Issue

Trying to update Posture got the following error message: “Remote address is not accessible. Please make sure update feed url, proxy address and proxy port are properly configured”. Solution:Check certificate and add intermediate certificate to the ISE trusted store:


Cisco WLC ACL using CLI

Configuring access-lists on the Cisco Wireless Controller could be tough with line by line and a lot of clicks. Using CLI the idea is the same, but Notepad++ is very helpful in editing. The one rule consist of the following settings: rule number direction source address destination address protocol source port destination port action permit ip any any (outbound) – allow...


Cisco TCL Ping

IOS: tclsh foreach address { } { ping $address re 10 source loo0 si 1500 } tclquit Nexus NX-OS: tclsh foreach address { } {cli ping $address source } tclquit IOS XR: run tclsh foreach address {


Cisco CWMS Licenses

 Permanent Host License —An installed Host license purchased to allow a user to host meetings that is assigned to that user the first time that person hosts a meeting. A Host license can be manually assigned to a user by an administrator; a user does not have to wait to host a meeting to be assigned a license. If there is a...


Cisco CWMS Update invitation

How to add a new number to the CWMS invitation: The following variables to the “Instant Meeting Invite—Host” could be added: · %SiteURL% · %Topic% · %HostName_HTML% · %Topic_HTML% · %MeetingDateOrRecurrence% · %MeetingTime% · %TimeZone% · %MeetingNumber% · %MeetingNumberNoSpaces% (v2.7MR3 and higher) · %MeetingPassword_HTML% · %TeleconferencingInfo_HTML% · %SiteURL_HTML% · %Support_HTML% · %CustomFooterText_HTML% · %Year%

Cisco WLC Captive-bypass

When ‘enabled‘ you have to manually open a webpage to get the screen. When ‘disabled‘ it will auto launch. config network web-auth captive-bypass enable NOTE: ISE 2.2 supports Apple Mini-Browser (CNA), no need this command anymore…


Cisco WLC Flex connect names

Cisco WLC doesn’t “like” group names with several words and space: Therefore when you are trying to use GUI interface and add AP to this flexconnect group, it opens the group with some weird symbols (repeats 2 last): There is no such issue with a “one word named” group. Workaround: use CLI (Cisco Controller) >config flexconnect group “Oriole Lane” ap add...

How to shutdown or restart Windows over Remote Desktop Connection

Open a Command Prompt: shutdown -s -t 0 ::: Shutdown shutdown -t 0 -r -f ::: Restart That’s a “zero” after the -t option, indicating shutdown in zero seconds. The -r option indicates a restart, rather than shutdown.  (Don’t forget this one)! The -f option forces all applications to terminate.