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Browser Compatibility

Working with Cisco (and others), browser is always a question. Every new release comes with a browser compatibility list. New release – new list. Browsers are regularly updated. For almost all Cisco solutions I prefer to use Firefox and I like to keep it updated. But sometimes we need to go back. Here is a list of all firefox versions available...


Cisco UCCX Automatic Work vs Available

Here is the summary about UCCX Automatic Work and Available settings. Automatic Work CSQ level Disabled by default override Automatic Available the length of the time agent will be in Work state is determined by the Wrapup time period. (Up to 7200 seconds) If Automatic Work is set to enabled, agent goes into Work state after terminating the call. (No matter...


Cisco 802.1X Supplicant and NAD

Every ISE deployment project includes this question from the client: What if dot1x is enabled on the supplicant and not on the NAD and vice verse? Supplicant – Configured, NAD – Not Configured:If 802.1X is not enabled or supported on the network access device, any EAPOL frames from the client are dropped. If the client does not receive an EAP-request/identity frame...


Cisco Calabrio “Unable to load Energy Data”

How to fix the Calabrio “Unable to load Energy Data” issue: Run post-install.exe and set the following settings again:– Recording Home Directory– Temporary Recording Directory– Temporary Encoding Directory Restart services:– Monitoring and Recording Jetty Service– Monitoring and Recording Media Encoder Service


Cisco Jabber Pickup Issue

The Issue: PickUpGr includes CIPC and Jabber. Call to Jabber DID – you can pick it up on the CIPC Call to CIPC DID – you CAN’T pick it up on the Jabber There is a pop up windows, but press it and nothing happens, only missed call on the CIPC internal call – fast busy international call – keep ringing...


Cisco Jabber Hunt and Call Pickup Groups

These settings could be enabled in the Jabber client by configuring policies in the jabber-config.xml file. <Policies>  <EnableCallPickup>true</EnableCallPickup><EnableGroupCallPickup>true</EnableGroupCallPickup>  <EnableOtherGroupPickup>true</EnableOtherGroupPickup>  <EnableHuntGroup>true</EnableHuntGroup></Policies> The policy enables the Hunt Group & Pickup tab in the Jabber for Windows client. The tab will be displayed irrespective if the Softphone has been registered or not.


Cisco CUCM Background image bulk update

How to change the background images on the all phones. The way I usually do this is below. Make sure the image file is uploaded to the CUCM. It works only if we lock down the feature that allows to change the image from the phone. I used Common Phone Profile: “Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting” should...


Cisco UCCX RTMT Access denied

Trying to get into the UCCX RTMT received “Access denied, check IP address, username and password” message. If The IP address and credentials are 100% correct, maybe wrong user?:) How to check: Using CLI run the following command: admin:run sql select* from cuic_data:cuicuser Check which user is the super user and use it to login. Below is the path for installing...


Cisco UCCX and Standalone CUIC integration

Sometimes customer would like to get more in reporting => Standalone CUIC. Here is a quick summary about UCCX and Standalone CUIC integration. About UCCX Historical user:If you want to use the password that you are setting in Password Management, then the user will need to be changed from uccxhrc to uccxhruser as well which is not recommended to use. The...