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Cisco Tetration Policy Analysis

The Policy Analysis feature analyses the effectiveness of policies by analysing all the traffic flow into, out of, and within the application, to compare published policies to actual traffic. This policy analysis relates to Policy 4 (p4): Detailed info for Misdropped, Escaped, Rejected and Permitted flows. Click any line in the detailed flow to show the information that is available –...


Cisco Tetration Application Insight

Application Insight is one of the primary use cases for Tetration. Go to Application > Scope and search for the server: Provides – displays the list of open ports to which the host is providing traffic, along with the local process responsible for the open port. Ports listed in bold represent flows which Tetration has observed a workflow while light grey...


Cisco Tetration Overview

The Cisco Tetration solution addresses data center operational and security challenges by providing pervasive visibility, unprecedented insights and comprehensive workload-protection capability across a multicloud infrastructure. Overall, the Cisco Tetration Analytics application segmentation approach reduces the attack surface within the data center and increases the efficiency of data center operations. Use Cases With true pervasive visibility comprising of every packet, every flow,...


Cisco Stealthwatch Alarming Hosts Investigation

How to get additional information about a host present on the Top Alarming Hosts dashboard. Select Top Reports and another pop-up menu appears with options such as Top Applications, Top Ports, Top Protocols etc. By default, the query looks at the past 5 minutes. The number of Flows for each application category is a live link. Click on the Flows number...


Cisco Stealthwatch Management Console (SMC) Overview

Cisco Stealthwatch collects and analyzes network data to deliver comprehensive visibility and protection for even the largest and most dynamic networks. Stealthwatch analyzes industry-standard NetFlow data from Cisco and other vendors’ routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices to detect advanced and persistent security threats such as internally spreading malware, data leakage, botnet command and control traffic, and network reconnaissance Stealthwatch...


Cisco SD-WAN Zero Touch Site Bring Up

Viptela provides an automatic provisioning software as a service (SaaS) called zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) The default configuration that is shipped on non-wireless hardware vEdge routers includes the following commands that allow the ZTP process to occur automatically: system vbond—Configures the initial vBond orchestrator to be the Viptela ZTP SaaS server. vpn 0 interface ip dhcp-client—Enables DHCP on one of the...


Cisco Phone “Registered/Unregistered/Unknown” status

A phone that has never been registered to Cisco CallManager would be in Unknown status. But, a phone that was registered to the Cisco CallManager at some point of time can be in Unregistered or Unknown status depending on a service parameter in the “RIS Data collector” service. This parameter specifies the RIS database information storage period for any unregistered or...


How to verify the MD5 checksum

Whenever you download any valuable data from the Internet, it is completely necessary that you check the integrity of the downloaded file and ensure that the downloaded file is exactly the same as that of the original one. In this scenario, the MD5 hash can become handy: Windows: certutil -hashfile path\file.iso MD5 Mac OS: md5 filename.iso Linux: md5sum filename.iso


Cisco Testing New Jabber Config file

To test the Jabber config changes on just 1 machine and if it goes successful apply it globally, we can use Cisco Support Field in the CSF device configuration: upload a new jabber-config xml file on TFTP server with the modified name <jabber-config-name>.xml. change cisco support field on CSF device configuration page configurationfile=jabber-config-photo-mod.xml restart jabber client