Cisco UCCX Automatic Work vs Available

Here is the summary about UCCX Automatic Work and Available settings.

Automatic Work

  • CSQ level
  • Disabled by default
  • override Automatic Available
  • the length of the time agent will be in Work state is determined by the Wrapup time period. (Up to 7200 seconds)

If Automatic Work is set to enabled, agent goes into Work state after terminating the call. (No matter what the Automatic Available setting is)

Automatic Available

  • Agent level
  • Enabled by default

Possible cases:

  • Default settings make the agent go to Ready status immediately
  • if Automatic Work is disabled, and Automatic available enabled under that agent, the agent is pushed to Ready status after the call
  • if Automatic Work is disabled, and Automatic available disabled under the agent,  the agent is pushed to Not-ready status after the call.

This is actually something interesting:

If agents belonging to a CSQ that has the Automatic Work option disabled handle transferred calls that were originally delivered by a CSQ that has Automatic Work enabled, they also enter the Work state automatically when a call ends.


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