Cisco UCCX and Standalone CUIC integration

Sometimes customer would like to get more in reporting => Standalone CUIC. Here is a quick summary about UCCX and Standalone CUIC integration.

About UCCX Historical user:
If you want to use the password that you are setting in Password Management, then the user will need to be changed from uccxhrc to uccxhruser as well which is not recommended to use.

The default password for uccxhrc user is 5:T{i,5e!KqD*8

1.   Log into the UCCX Cisco Unified CCX Administration console and select Tools > Password Management. Set the password for Historical Reporting User.

2.   Go to System > Standalone CUIC configuration and add the CUIC Configuration.

3.   Log into the CUIC (https://<IP Address>:8444/cuic) and select Data Sources from the left hand drawer. Select create and add you UCCX.

4. Add your UCCX server to the Data Source.

Use Data Base User ID uccxhruser. This is the instance name of the Informix database. – hostname + “_uccx” Informix database instance name can be formed using Host Name of the Unified CCX server by following these conventions:
– Convert all upper case letters to lower case
– Replace hyphens with underscore
– Add the letter “i” as a prefix to the instance name, if the hostname starts with a number
– Append the letters “_uccx” to the instance name

For example, if the hostname is “802UCCX-Ha-Node1”, enter “i802uccx_ha_node1_uccx” in the Server Name field.

Database Name – db_cra

Caution: Do not use Hyphens – in the Names. Use Underscores as shown.


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