Cisco Tetration Overview

The Cisco Tetration solution addresses data center operational and security challenges by providing pervasive visibility, unprecedented insights and comprehensive workload-protection capability across a multicloud infrastructure.

Overall, the Cisco Tetration Analytics application segmentation approach reduces the attack surface within the data center and increases the efficiency of data center operations.

Use Cases

With true pervasive visibility comprising of every packet, every flow, with workload context (process, package, etc), Tetrations main use cases are centered around:

  • Application Insight
  • IT and Network Operations
  • Workload Protection.


By Default – Security Dashboard

Scopes are used to group data center application and, along with roles, allow fine-grained control of management. Scopes are used to define access to application flows and filters.

Roles are used in implementing role-based application models so features & data can be restricted to sets of users. Roles contain sets of capabilities that can be assigned to users. Users can have any number of roles, and roles can have any number of users.

Workspaces are containers for defining, analyzing and enforcing policies for a particular application. Application workspaces are meant to be used by multiple users from the same team as shared documents. The level of access to an application workspace can be defined via roles defined on application scopes.


The resulting screen shows the query that is used to isolate the SharePoint scope, as well as the hostnames, VRFs, IP addresses, and operating systems of the endpoints that are running a Sharepoint application.

Click on the Server’s IP address to get into the server information – > Policies to show the policies that govern the traffic to and from this endpoint.


You may create many application workspaces for a given scope, however only one of these workspaces can be primary for that scope. All except the Developer Workstations (no agents installed) are enabled for enforcement (as indicated by the Live icon):


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