A phone that has never been registered to Cisco CallManager would be in Unknown status. But, a phone that was registered to the Cisco CallManager at some point of time can be in Unregistered or Unknown status depending on a service parameter in the “RIS Data collector” service.

This parameter specifies the RIS database information storage period for any unregistered or rejected device information from the Cisco CallManager service. After the time specified in this parameter expires, Cisco CallManager removes the expired entries during the next RIS database cleanup time (specified in the RIS Cleanup Time of the Day parameter)         
Default:  3     
Minimum:  1     
Maximum:  30     
Unit: day

  • When you view device information in the CUCM GUI, that display is a combination of database and RIS (Realtime Information Services). 
  • The BAT interface shows only database information for a device because registration status of a phone is not stored in the database. 
  • RTMT shows only devices that are found in RIS, which is only registered, rejected and previously registered. 
  • The device report will show device with a registration status, but it will not include any devices that have never registered. If you select the database configured devices in the phone report, you get all phone devices without any RIS information.

cucm phones unregistered

Issue: Phone had “Unregistered” status on Publisher and “Registered” status on Subscriber at the same time.

  • Go to: Serviceability — Control Center — Network Services
  • Restart “RIS data collector” service (on both PUB+SUB)

Note: Restarting “RIS data collector” will not affect production.