Cisco NX-OS: CLI notes

1. NX-OS supports aliases “cli alias name <name of alias> <command>”

conf t
cli alias name wr copy run star

=> can use “wr” to save config

NX-OS also supports multiple commands aliases. Use “;” as separator:

conf t
cli alias name commit end ; copy run start ; copy running-config bootflash:///$(SWITCHNAME).$(TIMESTAMP.cfg

2. IOS range command => 

3. CTRL+0 => clear the screen

4. Tab to complete the command 

5. Admins of efault VDC can verify or save config in all VDCs:

show run vdc-all
copy run start vdc-all

6. NX-OS has checkpoints – save well known working config before the maintenance window start. Two types:

  • System – created automatically when feature or protocol are disabled (major)
  • User – with command “checkpoint <name> <description>”

To create checkpoint:

copy run start
checkpoint well_known good config

To show available checkpoints:

show checkpoints
show checkpoints summary

To show difference:

show diff rollback-patch running-config checkpoint well_known

To remove:

clear checkpoint database

To rollback:

rollback running-config checkpoint <well_known> type <atomic>

  • atomic – default rollback only if there are no errors
  • best-effort – rollback ignoring errors
  • stop-at-first-failure – abort if an error occurs (but what was applied up to that point will be maintain)

7. Port Profiles – templates

  • Catalyst IOS macros apply only once at initial application
  • Port profiles immediately re-apply any time after the change


  • ethernet (default)
  • port-channel
  • interface VLAN
conf t
port-profile type ethernet PROFILE1 
    swithport access vlan 123
    spanning-tree port type edge
    state enable
int ra e101/1/20 - 25
 inherit port-profile PROFILE1
show port-profile expand-interface name [profile-name]

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