Cisco Jabber Pickup Issue

The Issue:

PickUpGr includes CIPC and Jabber.

  1. Call to Jabber DID – you can pick it up on the CIPC
  2. Call to CIPC DID – you CAN’T pick it up on the Jabber
    1. There is a pop up windows, but press it and nothing happens, only missed call on the CIPC
    2. internal call – fast busy
    3. international call – keep ringing and ring CIPC again

Here is what we got in the debug:

2017-12-14 09:02:00,300 DEBUG [0x0000192c] [p\sipcc\core\sipstack\ccsip_debug.c(326)] [csf.sip-call-control] [platform_print_sip_msg] – sipio-recv<— SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily Not AvailableVia: SIP/2.0/TCP

CSCva71953 – CallPickup not working for phones sending hostname in INVITE-From header

Configure a Directory URI on the Directory Number configuration page on each line assigned to a SIP phone using the call pickup feature.
This Directory URI can be anything as this changes the calling type to blended versus a DN only type call.

Add Directory URI on the CSF device:


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