Cisco DNA Center: Wireless Assurance

Wireless Assurance gives you the visibility and insights to solve for network challenges in the past, present, and future.

1. Network discovery

  • CLI and SNMP are required
  • credentials global or task specific

Global settings: Design > Network Settings > Site > Device Credentials

Once discovery is done all Devices appear in Inventory. Make sure status is ok for each column:

Reachability Status – Reachable Last Sync Status – Managed

2. DANC pushes certificate to the WLC for secure communication and turns on the streaming telemetry on the WLC    
– Once WLC is discovered, AP will be added automatically base on the telemetry info from the WLC. New AP will be added the same way.    
– Check WLC:

  • CLI: show network assurance summary (should be point to the DNAC and Last Seccuss Time)       
  • GUI: Managmenet – Cloud Services – Network Assurance – Server (enabled, DNAC IP address, Last Seccuss Time)

3. Create sites hierarchy in DNAC

4. Export/Import map from Prime
5. Assign devices to the sites under
Provision menu > Action > Assign device to site
6. Sync with CMX


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