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Python: Script structure

I decided to make some Python notes. Since there is a ton of information about Python, these notes will be mostly for my reference but if they help anyone – it will be great. The best way to understand it – try it and make a note:) starting with the basic script structure: starting with the basic script structure: #!/usr/bin/env python:...


Cisco ISE: Update HotSpot access-code Daily

Several times, I run into the question if there is an option to “automatically” change the guest HotSpot access code at a given interval (lets say daily) and I came up with the following solution: ISE API + Python + Task Scheduler Steps: Enable API on ISE Create Python Script Configure Task Scheduler Enable the ERS APIs The ERS APIs are...


Python: Simple Email Gmail

Sometimes it is very useful to have the script that sends notification, when finishes executing, has come to an error or just needs to send some data to you.This script is used to send a simple email from a gmail account (can be configured for other email servers). I was working on the task, that involved Cisco ISE, guest portal and...