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CiscoChampion 2020

Thrilled to be selected as a CiscoChampion for the first time!  Great way to start off 2020!💥


How to verify the MD5 checksum

Whenever you download any valuable data from the Internet, it is completely necessary that you check the integrity of the downloaded file and ensure that the downloaded file is exactly the same as that of the original one. In this scenario, the MD5 hash can become handy: Windows: certutil -hashfile path\file.iso MD5 Mac OS: md5 filename.iso Linux: md5sum filename.iso


RightFax H323 -> SIP

I had to migration RightFax from the H323 into SIP and spent some time on this. The procedure is pretty strength forward, but one thing is good to know: changed the Media Renegotiate Delay Outbound from -1, which means Rightfax does not initiate T.38 but waits for the other side to initiate it, to 2000 which means that Rightfax initiates T.38...