Today I’ve received a badge from Cisco. I made the finalist for the IT Blog Awards 2019 by Cisco in the Best Newcomer category!

Discover all the awesome podcasts and resources. There are a lot of great blogs out there.

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Best Analysis - Does this blog provide insightful discussions?

Best Cert Study Journey - Provides useful insights into the need-to-knows throughout a certification study journey.

Best Newcomer - A great new blog / podcast / etc. started in the last(ish) year.

Best Podcast or Video Series - Best in content and creativity delivered in the format of videos or podcasts.

Most Educational  - Shares great tips, tricks, or how-to’s to help you learn something new or further your understanding on a topic. 

Most Inspirational  - Inspires the reader to think differently or view something in a creative way. Makes you want to roll your sleeves up and jump into your network.